Enter Now: You Choose How You Die!


Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Character In A Story?
Now You Can!

And You Can Pick How You Bite The Dust!

How to Enter:

Simply leave a review of either one of my books on Amazon.com: The Other Side of the Door or Stranger Calls (fair warning: it will help if you read them first). The authors of the first 25 reviews from each book will be entered into the contest drawing.

That’s it!

What You Win:

The winner will be selected at random from the 50 reviews (25 for each book). The winner will get:

  • To be a character in an upcoming story to be released in 2016!
  • To choose how they want their character to die!

Disclaimer: If you do not wish for your character to die, I’m sorry. It’s not that kind of story. Entry into the contest assumes that you are fully aware of the eventual demise of the character named after you, and that you have given your permission for your fictional alter-ego to meet their maker. Sorry. 

Does it have to be a positive review?

No. Please leave your honest opinion of the book you review. If you love it, great! If you hate it, well…I can’t please everybody. No hard feelings.

On a side note, however, should it happen that the winner is a “negative reviewer” it may be that their fictional death is prolonged and painful. Just sayin.


For your entry to be considered, I will need some way of identifying you. Here are your options:

  • You can fill out your Amazon account with contact information, so that I can see your name and an email. If you win, I can then contact you.
  • You can leave a comment to this post telling me which review is yours. I will not make the comments public.
  • You can simply shoot me an email at Partmanpartmonkey@gmail.com and let me know which review is yours.
  • You can write in your review your name and how (should you win) you wish to die (in the story, not in real life).

Final Word To Cheaters:

Reviews left in which it is obvious the reviewer did not read the book will not be considered. Don’t be a douche. Read the book (at least part of it) and leave your real thoughts.

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