Story of the Week: “Til Death Do Us” Selected By Horror Novel Reviews has selected “Til Death Do Us” from my collection The Other Side of the Door: Dark Stories as their Story of the Week for March 14 through March 18.

You can read the entire story here: Til Death Do Us.

Opening Lines:

The box arrived Thursday morning without any kind of label. It was small and plain, and Kenny Perkins left it on the edge of his desk until just before noon. When he finally opened it—he heard a wispy scratching from inside the box as he did—he discovered his wife’s severed finger and her wedding ring.

“Til Death Do Us” is also the winner of the EWU Short Fiction Award.

7 responses to “Story of the Week: “Til Death Do Us” Selected By Horror Novel Reviews”

  1. Nice! I didn’t realize you were a writer too! I love horror stories. Recently, I spent hours trying to track down this book I checked out from my school library probably half a dozen times. The stories were haunting and scary, but not really gory. I ordered what I THINK is the book on Amazon and eagerly await its arrival…

  2. Okay, I’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page; super obvious you’re a writer now. Perhaps I am dense! Your book pages are really fun! I love the part about your “dead” dog and the beta readers 🙂

    If you’re interested in a review of either book, I’ve got the hook up.

    1. You know, I had the junkiest “landing pages” for both books for the longest time, and then I came across another writer’s sales page on some random site. The guy had a long, intense sales pitch, which was a bit over the top and yet still quite clever. I rewrote my own pages with that sales pitch idea in mind, but tried for a bit more obvious humor.

      Every write needs reviews. The more the merrier. So, yes, I’m definitely interested.

      What’s the name of the book you were tracking down? I have a penchant for buying old anthologies. Perhaps I’ve heard of it.

      1. See, the thing is, I don’t remember the name. I remember what color it was and where it was located on the shelf… in 1995-ish.

      2. Ha! I have that same problem. There are so many books I remember purely by where they were at on a shelf. And then when a library or bookstore shuffles the store around, I have the hardest time finding the book again. Lol.

      3. Which book would you prefer I review?

      4. Hey! I greatly appreciate both reading my stories and the review. Don’t feel any pressure to say nice things if you don’t care for the stories. An honest review is always best. You can’t please every reader, after all.

        I’d say go with The Other Side of the Door. I like both collections (surprise), but my own personal favorite of my stories is in that collection. You can order it off Amazon ( should take you to my author page). Or, if you prefer, you can download ebook copies through Smashwords, iBooks, Scribd, and most other digital platforms.

        As a heads up, though the paperback is more expensive, it also comes with an extra story and an afterword, which aren’t in the digital versions. I figured for the higher price, people ought to get more.

        Thanks again, my friend.

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