Bradbury Essay Takes Runner-Up in International Essay Competition

Thresholds, home of the international short story forum, has announced that my essay “The Radical Horror and Loneliness of The Martian Chronicles”  has taken runner-up in the Thresholds International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition!

bradburyThe judges noted that the essay was: “A lucid and fresh discussion of the groundbreaking work of Ray Bradbury. It’s reminder of a story’s metaphorical force was, in itself, powerful”.

The essay can be read here.

My work examined Ray Bradbury’s 1950 short story collection The Martian Chronicles,  a book widely considered to be a science-fiction and literary masterpiece that heavily influenced the development of fantastic literature in the 20th century.

A shout out to Thresholds for reading and considering my work, and to all the judges who took the care and time to appreciate my essay! Thank you!

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