For the month of July, you can head on over to Smashwords for their outstanding Summer Book Sale. Thousands of books can be found at drastically reduced prices, and some, like my own Stranger Calls  and The Other Side of the Door, can be downloaded for FREE.

Once you reach the order screen, enter promo code SFREE and you can download the books without charge.

Smashwords Summer Book Sale

What Have Readers Been Saying About Tyler Miller?

Side of the Door - High Resolution“I loved The Other Side of The Door…Aside from being a brilliant story in and of itself I loved how it faintly echoed of Stephen King’s The Shining.”
— Summaiya, Goodreads Reviewer

“It’s Goosebumps for grown-ups and kids who have lax parental supervision. There are passages that will rewind themselves in your brain through the night and haunt your dreams for days. If you enjoy being creeped the F out. Buy this!”
— Janice Lynn, Amazon Reviewer

“Mr. Miller has been mentioned as the successor to Stephen King….well, in my opinion, he COULD be the new Mr. King. I remember reading Stephen King just as he was starting out and beginning his reputation. That seems to be the point that Mr. Miller is at.”
— Debbie Bryant, Goodreads Reviewer

Stranger Calls - High Resolution“Every so often I am lucky enough to be pulled into another world. Mr. Miller is a true story teller. I love the fact that it is not like jump out and scare you type of things, but the kind of horror that makes you think and wonder……what if? From the first story to the last I was hooked. I am looking forward to reading more from Mr. Miller.”
— Josh C., Amazon Reviewer

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