Borges Essay Wins Thresholds International Feature Competition 2017

It was announced today that my essay “Did Borges Write  the Sci-Fi Masterpiece of the 20th Century?”  won this year’s Thresholds Feature Writing Competition.

The judges were incredibly generous in their assessment of the piece:

‘This intriguing short essay allows us to explore the brilliance of Borges’ short stories as well as his uncanny prescience as a writer. The author draws vivid analogies between Borges’ libraries and labyrinths and our own digital worlds and slippery realities. These analogies are as tantalising as they are troubling. A stylishly readable, thought-provoking – and timely – piece. I enjoyed the richness of its thought and the significance of its argument in 2017.’

‘Sophisticated – showing a knowledge of tradition, experimentation and futurist, surreal writing.’

‘The speculation about Borges’ vision of the future is carried off with polish and wit.’

Always exciting when someone praises your work. A shout out to all the judges who read the essay, and to those who read it on Thresholds website.

You can read the essay here: Did Borges Write the Sci-Fi Masterpiece of the 20th Century?

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